Live Stream
June 12th 2020 at 8 PM AST

Online music event supporting the Stronger Together Nova Scotia Fund

Join your friends, Rumpus, Pineo & Loeb, Sparkee, Manteasah, Rachel Geek and Cosmic Co-Motion for an evening of music and performance arts. We will be exploring an aray of musical and performance styles, from live looping - to - electronic incorporations of drums and guitar - to - beats that you can't help but groove to.

“Harbour Harmony” came to light through the collective need to help and aid those directly affected by the recent mass shooting in Nova Scotia.

When a tragedy of this magnitude hits a community, and in this case many communities, it affects everyone in unfathomable ways. These devastating events especially when combined with everything else going on in the world, make it increasingly challenging to spread positivity and kindness - but that is why it is so important to actively be supportive towards one another right now.

Harbour harmony aims to inspire you to connect with loved ones across Canada. Chat with your friends and hang out with us. It’s imperative we stay connected to our communities and encourage love and proactivity. This is an evening to honour our fellow Canadians who lost their lives while we watch incredible Canadian talent.

Through music, allow your love to transpire into nationwide compassion, remembrance and respect.
No matter your culture or background, let us join in the essence of harmony.


During the live stream we will be collecting donations for the Stronger Together Nova Scotia Fund (Canadian Red Cross) where 100% of all donations are being given to the families.
Depending upon amounts raised, possible ways that the Red Cross may use these funds may include:

  • Immediate direct financial payments to families, as well as over the medium and long-term.
  • Scholarships for the children left behind.
  • Long-term emotional support to help those in need cope with loss.
  • Community recovery and resiliency support


The live stream will be available for

viewing on three platforms! 

  • This Website  
  • Facebook
  • Twitch 

Set Times - Atlantic

  • Rachel Geek 8 PM (4 PM PST)  
  • Manteasah: 9 PM (5 PM PST)
  • Sparkee: 10 PM (6 PM PST)
  • Pineo & Loeb: 11 PM (7 PM PST)
  • Rumpus: 12 AM (8 PM PST)

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